How to Get Compensated For An Injury With No-Fault Insurance

How to Get Compensated For An Injury With No-Fault Insurance

Nothing is more annoying than an unexpected auto accident. (Except maybe a Zombie apocalypse.)

Here in Michigan, we have what’s called “No-fault Insurance”. What is “No-Fault”? Well, the term “No-Fault” accident means that both parties involved in a car crash are entitled to benefits from their own insurance companies, no matter who caused the crash.

Sounds pretty cut and dry, right? Well, it’s not. Today we are going to list a few reasons you should call an attorney after an injury-related accident.

What can an attorney do for me?

Not only can they help cover the following list, but also get you non-economic damage, in laymen’s terms, pain and suffering. Here’s a list of things an attorney will help you attain financial support for:

  • Medical bills
  • Physical therapy and similar service
  • General pain and suffering
  • Disfigurement
  • Temporary and permanent disability
  • Funeral and burial expenses (if you lost a family member in the accident)
  • Any other costs that are directly connected to the accident

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Statute of Limitations

Don’t be a procrastinator like me, you can’t wait too long to file your claim within the appropriate time, you’ll risk losing the ability to sue. This is referred as “the statute of limitations.”

Here in Michigan, there is a non-flexible law, and it states you have one year to notify your own “No-Fault” insurance of your crash. It’s referred to as a “first-party” crash.

There is also a three-year time limit to file a lawsuit against the negligent driver’s car insurance company for pain and suffering. That’s referred to as a “third-party” car accident case.

Wage compensation

Based on the No-Fault wage loss formula, which is 85 percent of one’s gross income tax-free, the maximum amount for wage loss equates to an estimated annual income of $70,000. So, another way of looking at wage loss is if you earn less than $70,000 per year, your income should be fully covered by No-Fault insurance wage loss benefits in the event of a crash. Not independently wealthy? This is going to be a problem then.

So wage loss is capped and any wage loss above the maximum amount becomes the responsibility of the wrongdoer driver who may have caused the car accident.

Sounds a bit confusing? If you ever have any questions about what and how to receive compensation, always consult an attorney.

Our attorneys at Lobb Law Firm are prepared and well versed in Michigan no-fault laws. We’re here to help with any of your questions…Well, most of them. We can’t really help much with a Zombie Apocalypse.

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