Meet Our Staff


Alicia Beedle

Legal Secretary Supervisor

248-591-4090 ext.132

“I love The Lobb Law Firm because it’s a space where we can truly help people. I’m just one of the many caring individuals a part of a hard-working team that is dedicated to their clients.”


Kendall Burman

Financial Manager

248-591-4090 ext.125

“My favorite thing about The Lobb Law Firm is that they are family-owned – they treat employees and clients just like family. I’ve enjoyed every moment of the last 8 years and I’m very proud to work for a firm that goes above and beyond to help its clients.”


Allyson Dean

Litigation Paralegal

248-591-4090 ext.106

“Our firm is so focused on increasing efficiency and productivity to help serve our clients better. The team and I are committed to doing the best we can at our jobs and is willing to go the extra mile for those who count on The Lobb Law Firm to do so.”

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Brittany Jones

Pre-Litigation Paralegal Supervisor

248-591-4090 ext.115


Megan Kola

Legal Secretary

248-591-4090 ext.210

“The Lobb Law Firm believes in treating clients like family. We are experienced, hard-working, and passionate about doing our best for our clients.”


Charlene Lobb

Vice President of Operations

248-591-4090 ext.104

“The Lobb Law Firm is centered around family. My husband started as a sole practitioner in the mid ’70s and I have always been a part of the business. We were elated when Cherie decided to join the firm because we knew she could carry on the family practices we’ve established, and the legacy Joe has built for years to come. I can promise you at The Lobb Law Firm, you are treated as a member of our family by each and everyone you come in contact with.”


Corina Melinte




Sarah Mellas



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Dave Roberts

Billing & Records Clerk



Angela Wood

Legal Secretary

248-591-4090 ext.208