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What Does Michigan Law Say About Bicyclists’ Rights?

Under Michigan law, bicyclists are subject to the same laws and regulations as motorists and have the same rights as well as responsibilities. At the same time, motorists are specifically required to follow certain rules in order to ensure the safety of bicyclists. These include:

  • Maintaining a distance of at least 3 feet (5 feet in certain municipalities like Ann Arbor, Norton Shores, Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, Muskegon, Portage, and Dearborn) while passing bicyclists.
  • Yielding the right of way to bicyclists as and when required.
  • Checking for bicyclists while parking, backing up, making a turn, and at stop signs.
  • Checking for bicyclists before opening the door of the vehicle.

Unfortunately, many motorists do not follow these rules, which is one of the reasons why bicycle accidents are so common in Michigan.

Why Do You Need an Experienced Bike Accident Lawyer on Your Side as Soon as Possible?

Under Michigan law, the statute of limitations for filing claims related to bike accidents is set at 3 years. While it might sound like a lot of time, there are several reasons why you should consult with an experienced Michigan bicycle accident lawyer as soon as you can after the accident. These include:

Gathering Evidence for Your Claim

Evidence can make or break a case. If you wait too long to contact a lawyer, gathering the evidence needed for your personal injury claim can be extremely difficult. For instance, most business establishments have indoor as well as outdoor security cameras. If the accident happened near a business establishment, chances are it might have been captured on tape. Needless to say, it can be a valuable piece of evidence, as it can show exactly how the accident happened and how you were injured.

Based on this, most digital cameras run on an automatic loop and are programmed to delete or rewrite old footage in order to make space for new footage after a certain period of time. If you wait too long to contact a lawyer, there is a possibility that the footage of your accident might be deleted before your lawyer can get a copy of it. This is one reason why you should get in touch with a bicycle lawyer as soon as you possibly can after the accident.

Helping You Get the Medical Care You Need

If you have suffered serious injuries in the accident, your medical bills can pile up in no time and you might find it difficult to keep up with the ongoing medical expenses – even if you have insurance. A seasoned Michigan bicycle accident lawyer can negotiate with healthcare providers and make sure you receive the treatment you need on a lien – without paying anything upfront. Under this arrangement, you can pay the healthcare provider after your claim is settled.

Dealing with the Insurance Company

Following the accident, claims adjusters from the at-fault party’s insurance company will contact you and ask you for a statement. Talking to them is a bad idea, as you might inadvertently say something that can jeopardize your chances of getting the settlement you deserve.

It’s vital to keep in mind that insurance adjusters have only one goal – to get you to accept the lowest possible settlement offer. They will ask you leading questions, get you to say something that can affect the value of your claim, and manipulate you into accepting a fraction of what your claim might be actually worth.

If you have an experienced bike accident lawyer on your side, you can let them communicate with the insurance company on your behalf right from the start and focus on your recovery.

Helping You Make the Right Decisions

Following a bicycle accident, you might be too disoriented and stressed to make an informed decision on how best to proceed. If you have a capable bicycle accident attorney representing you, they can answer all your questions, explain to you what your legal options are, and help you make the right decision.

Building a Strong Legal Strategy and Preparing for Trial

Building a bicycle accident claim can be a time-consuming process. While only a fraction of personal injury claims filed in Michigan actually goes to trial, prolific and hard-working lawyers are fully prepared for it. Defendants are often willing to settle quickly once they know the capabilities of the plaintiff’s lawyers to go to trial. The sooner you contact a lawyer, the easier it will be for them to build a solid case against the at-fault party, negotiate with the adjuster from a position of strength, and get you the compensation you are entitled to.

What Makes Our Bicycle Accident Lawyers Stand Out?

There are poignant reasons why the dedicated bicycle accident lawyers at The Lobb Law Firm stand out from their peers in the industry. These include:

  • In-depth understanding of Michigan bicycle law, including the rules on bicycle safety and bicyclist rights.
  • Extensive experience in handling bike accident claims – particularly motor vehicle – bicycle accident claims.
  • Track record of obtaining substantial damages for bicycle accident victims.
  • The expertise, experience, and resources to litigate claims if needed.
  • High ratings from our peers and clients.
  • Numerous awards and recognition over the years and a reputation for legal excellence.