Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle Accidents in the United States and Michigan

Nearly 5,000 people were killed in motorcycle accidents across the United States in 2017—a decrease from 2016, yet motorcyclists remain “significantly overrepresented” in all traffic deaths. Fatalities for motorcyclists occur 28 times more often than fatalities for those in passenger vehicles, based on per mile traveled. The Governor’s Highway Safety Associationreports that in 2017, Michigan motorcycle deaths accounted for about 14.3 percent of all highway traffic deaths in the state (142 deaths).

The number of older motorcyclists has increased substantially over the past two decades. NHTSA motorcycle crash statistics found that between 2004 and 2013, motorcycle accident fatalities increased nearly 40 percent among those who were 40 and older. This increase was likely due to the aging baby boomer generations who are riding the enjoyment of their youth into their golden years.

Older motorcyclists tend to ride larger bikes—when you combine this with some level of decline in vision and reaction time, those over the age of 50 will probably suffer more serious injuries than younger riders. In any case, more and more middle-aged, middle-class baby boomers are returning to motorcycle riding once they find themselves with an empty nest and a bit of extra cash.

If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, you are likely to have very serious injuries. At The Lobb Law Firm, we believe we can help you through this difficult time, in many different ways. With more than 40 years of experience helping our clients after an accident, we have the required expertise, experience, and knowledge. When necessary to prove liability, we have the resources to reconstruct your motorcycle accident. In fact, our vast network of resources allows us to fully assist our clients following a Michigan motorcycle accident, from start to finish.

Most Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcyclists have virtually no protection in the event of a collision, other than a helmet, if worn, and (sometimes) leathers. Those inside a passenger car are surrounded by steel and glass, along with safety belts and airbags for protection. A motorcyclist, on the other hand, has none of these safety features, making him or her extremely vulnerable when hit by a vehicle weighing 3,000 pounds or more. While each and every motorcycle accident is different, there are a number of factors commonly associated with motorcycle accidents, including the following:

  • Driver inattention is responsible for a significant number of motorcycle accidents. While those in cars and trucks are used to looking out for other cars and trucks, many drivers are less adept at watching out for motorcyclists. Driver inattention and driver distraction are responsible for a large number of motorcycle accidents. Neglecting to keep eyes on the road, hands on the wheel and mind on the task at hand—driving—can result in a tragedy. Drivers who are distracted or inattentive are much less likely to see a motorcyclist.
  • Adverse road and weather conditions cause many motorcycle accidents. A motorcycle has less stability than a passenger vehicle—and is much smaller. Therefore, road issues which might go mostly unnoticed by those in a passenger vehicle or truck can be a major problem for a motorcyclist. Lane height differences, potholes, brush or other objects in the roadway or slick pavement can all spell disaster for a motorcyclist.
  • Excess speed is a cause of many motorcycle accidents, whether on the part of the motorcyclist or the passenger vehicle driver. Even when speed is not the primary factor in the crash, it could have contributed to the accident. High speeds on the part of the motorcyclist can result in a loss of control; coupled with passenger vehicle drivers exceeding the speed limit, the results can be catastrophic.
  • Inexperienced motorcyclists can inadvertently cause an accident. The vast majority of motorcyclists are self-taught or taught by a friend or family member. This lack of formal training can result in a failure to understand the limitations of a motorcycle, failure to employ appropriate defensive driving techniques, or a lack of cornering and braking skills.

Many motorcycle accidents occur in the middle of an intersection when the driver of a passenger vehicle makes a left-hand turn after underestimating the speed of the motorcycle or totally failing to see the oncoming rider. Other motorcycle accidents occur when a passenger vehicle or truck changes lanes without seeing the rider, or backs from a parking lot space or driveway without properly looking for motorcyclists.

Whatever caused your motorcycle accident, we want to help you get your life back. The Lobb Law Firm has an unparalleled level of transparency and communication with our motorcycle accident clients. We are available 24/7; coupled with our passion for helping others and protecting the rights of our clients, our Southfield injury lawyers are here to help following your motorcycle accident.

How Preconceived Beliefs Regarding Motorcyclists Can Hurt Your Claim

Unfortunately, if a motorcycle accident is not settled, and therefore, goes to trial, jurors may have certain biases regarding motorcyclists which can significantly hurt the case. Specifically, many people tend to believe that motorcyclists are risk-takers, straight out of “Easy Rider,” who routinely drive too fast and drive in a reckless manner. In truth, most motorcyclists are safe drivers who obey the rules of the road, simply enjoying the freedom of a motorcycle or the good gas mileage.

At The Lobb Law Firm, we will immediately go to work combatting these preconceived notions. We want the facts of the case to speak for themselves and will aggressively fight to ensure that occurs. At The Lobb Law Firm, we genuinely care about our clients, and we care about you. We will stand strong against insurance companies while ensuring that juror bias does not affect your settlement following your motorcycle accident. 

Dealing with Catastrophic Injuries Following Your Michigan Motorcycle Accident

Because of the extent of your injuries following a Michigan motorcycle accident, you could find yourself injured so severely you are unable to return to work. If you are unable to work, you are likely also unable to pay your normal monthly expenses, let alone your medical expenses. The world can look pretty grim when you find yourself in such a situation.

There are many forms of catastrophic injury which can forever change the lives of the victim and his or her family members. Traumatic brain injury, severe burns, limb amputation, spinal cord injury, blindness, multiple fractures, nerve injury to the torso, arms or shoulders, or road rash so severe it leads to a major infection, are all potential motorcycle accident injuries. This level of injury can result the necessity for many years—or a lifetime—of medical treatment, continuous care, and other types of support. A spinal cord injury could result in being confined to a wheelchair, while a traumatic brain injury could result in the necessity for long-term care.

At The Lobb Law Firm, we have compassion for your situation. We are also aware that information collected immediately following your motorcycle accident can be crucial for a successful personal injury claim. We know that you may be facing what seems like insurmountable challenges following your accident. These challenges may come in the form of a disability, the loss of a career, the loss of regular income, astronomical medical expenses, chronic pain and suffering, and an overall reduction in the ability to enjoy your life and look forward to your future. We vow to treat you like we would treat our own family members—compassionately while fighting aggressively for your rights and your future.    

Can Our Injury Lawyers Help Following Your Michigan Motorcycle Accident?

Not only do Michigan motorcycle accidents frequently involve catastrophic injuries, they are nearly always financially devastating. Medical expenses can accrue so quickly you may be left reeling. You may be facing subsequent surgical procedures, years of physical and mental therapies, and other treatments and health care which can be prohibitively expensive. The Lobb Law Firm has a proven record of success in motorcycle accident claims, as well as the necessary financial resources.

The Lobb Law Firm Southfield injury lawyers bring their expertise and knowledge to each and every case, exploring every potential source of liability to ensure you receive the damages you are entitled to following your Michigan motorcycle accident. Remember, when you talk to a Lobb Law Firm attorney, you will feel the difference—you will immediately know that we truly care. And because we care, we will passionately fight on your behalf to ensure you get the medical treatment you need, as well as other benefits you need and deserve. We believe your peace of mind is invaluable, and we will work hard to give you that to you.

As we help you overcome the struggles associated with your Michigan motorcycle accident, you will quickly come to trust us to always do what is best for you, your family, and your future. We handle many cases out of Southfield, Detroit, Grand Rapids, Traverse City, Sterling Heights, and Dearborn Heights to name a few, however if you or a loved one are anywhere in Michigan and have suffered a motorcycle accident resulting in a personal injury or a wrongful death, contact The Lobb Law Firm today for a free consultation.