car insurance company not on your side

How To Get Car Insurance Companies On Your Side

If you think the car insurance companies are on your side, then you are certainly mistaken.

Right from the time you sign a contract, the insurer’s goals are different from yours. You are looking to get the full amount of money you’re entitled to after a car accident while the insurance company wants to hold onto every possible dollar.

But the issue here is not just the differing goals; it’s also about how each party interacts when a motor vehicle accident occurs. There is a reason for the large percentage (30%) of people who explained how they had been exploited by insurance companies.

Insurance Claim Issues

When Your Claim Has Been Denied

So what do you do when an insurance company denies your claim? Would you just let it be? Well, this is what the insurer would want you to do. Hence, you have to be prepared to do what has to be done to get your claim acknowledged.

Perseverance is key when you’re dealing with insurance companies. If you’re a victim who is trying to get compensated, you probably do not have the energy to keep going back and forth with the insurance company. You do not have to. You should be focused on getting back to your life.

In this case, you could use the services of a personal injury attorney. It is not uncommon for insurers to deny the claims of victims but with the help of an injury attorney, you can get all the compensation you deserve.

Many people do not know how the personal injury claims process works, and insurance companies do not hesitate to take advantage of this lack of knowledge. However, with the help of a lawyer, it becomes more difficult for the insurance company to get away with this kind of unfair behavior. A good lawyer will stop at nothing to ensure that insurers treat their clients fairly and ensure that all behaviors that constitute bad faith to policyholders or unlawful treatment of claimants are called out.

When the Insurance Company Delays Your Claim

The insurance company can stall and refuse to pay you when they should. This is done all in a bid to evade payment and keep making payment.

Sadly, the insurance company can decide to do this but this is something that happens over and over again.

Lowball Settlement Offers

Sometimes, the facts presented in a claim are so obvious that the insurance company knows it won’t be able to deny the claim completely. In this case, they would try to make the claimant settle for an offer immediately.

This might sound great initially, however, the issue is that these initial settlement offers are far below what you deserve. Insurance companies would rather start with the lowest of prices in case you would like to negotiate.

But this is nothing but a predatory move. Moving forward after being a victim of an accident requires sufficient compensation. Sometimes, these insurance companies would give these compensations even before your medical bill has been estimated. So, what happens after the money has been exhausted while treatment is still ongoing?

You have to understand that when you agree to a lowball settlement, you simply give away your right to claim compensation for this accident in the future. If you end up requiring surgery or if you are unable to return to work because of your injuries, the insurance company would not blink an eye neither would they make an effort to reopen your claim.

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The Don’ts Involved When Dealing With Insurance Companies

1. Do not consent to give recorded statements.

2. Do not accept to sign a release or any other document.

3. Avoid being overly friendly with the insurance adjuster. Although they may appear friendly, their job remains looking for ways they could avoid paying you what you deserve.

4. Don’t give to them all your medical records. The insurer only has the right to see the medical records related to your accident, not your entire medical history. They could use your medical history to blame your current medical issues which arose as a result of the accident.

5. Refuse the first settlement offer. If you are offered money by an insurance adjuster, it is most likely a lowball offer in the hopes that you’ll settle early, before you know the full extent of your damages.

6. It is advisable to reduce the interactions you have with the insurance company. Every phone call, meeting, or piece of paperwork could be instrumental in undermining your claim.

What Happens To Your Insurance Premiums If You File A Claim?

A common concern of drivers is that their auto insurance rates will automatically increase if they file a claim as a result of one accident.

This is not how it works.

When you are involved in what’s called a “chargeable” accident – generally, a crash in which you were at fault – the insurance company may decide to raise your premiums. This is true whether or not someone involved in that accident pursues a claim.

If you are not the one at fault, your premium rates shouldn’t go up. If a driver does see a rate increase that’s a result of a chargeable accident and it would be futile to file a claim.

Don’t Fight the Insurance Company Alone

After an accident, all you want is fair treatment not some sort of jackpot. However, the insurance company is already making plans to pull themselves out of settling you. Reach out to an experienced car accident attorney at The Lobb Law Firm for a consultation about your case. The call is FREE, and our personal injury attorneys work on a contingency basis where you don’t have to pay any sum until you’ve been compensated successfully.