Reimagining for Pandemic Times

We’re all quickly learning to adjust our lives to what many are calling “the new normal.” At The Lobb Law Firm, we’ve always stayed ahead of the curve and had a plan in place for situations just like this. Our entire team of attorneys and their legal team were prepared in advance to work remotely – so our clients’ cases wouldn’t suffer the coronavirus. The virtual office we’ve created allows us to proceed with discovery, mediation, and even finalize settlements.

Another big change: for the first time in our 44+ years in practice, The Lobb Law Firm will be delving into the practice area of family law. That means we’ll be able to help clients negotiate divorce settlements, including dissolutions, child custody disputes, and spousal support.

Why now?

While sheltering in place becomes standard, not everyone is adjusting equally well. Responsibilities and bills multiply while financial and emotional stress factors rise exponentially. The ongoing math of this trauma doesn’t equate to life going back to normal.

Relationships already under strain can snap. Locked under the same roof for weeks at a time pressurizes what may already be a tenuous situation. Otherwise static marriages wind up under the microscope when couples are under stress for extended period of time in close quarters.

Many relationships won’t withstand the scrutiny that time sheltering at home can bring.

Our attorneys, among others, expect the wave of quarantine-related divorces inquiries to skyrocket fifty percent by the end of 2020.

Whether you were considering divorce before the Michigan shelter-in-place order or your marriage has become a fresh casualty of the novel coronavirus, our attorneys can keep your interests protected.

As your lawyers, we’re dedicated to supporting you through this time, giving you the resources you need to take care of yourself, and ensuring that your best interests are represented at the negotiation table or in the courtroom. Whether you are facing:

• A sudden and unexpected divorce
• The inevitable end of a painful marriage
• Custody issues or questions
• Questions about child support or spousal support
• Other family law situations

Because former couples often share the same goal in a divorce, we’ve found that some cases can be handled quickly, privately, and with minimal confrontation. In these situations, former couples usually share the same goal in divorce: end the marriage with their dignity and financial well-being intact.

It’s often easier for both parties to negotiate the terms of the divorce together with the help of divorce lawyers and mediators, rather than forcing the court to decide on important issues like child custody, child support, spousal support and division of assets.

However, we understand that not every marriage can end peacefully. If your ex-partner is unwilling to come to a fair compromise on important issues, we are ready to fight for what you deserve in a court of law.

You can trust the attorneys at The Lobb Law Firm to fight vigorously for you.

There is a lot at stake when you are facing divorce. Perhaps you’re worried about the loss of time with your children, a child support order that leaves you without enough to live on, or the unfair division of assets you worked hard to build during your marriage.

Even in dark times like these, it helps to see light at the end of the tunnel. Taking the first step toward your divorce can take an enormous weight off your shoulders.

Let our family help your family.

Contact us for a free, private, no-strings-attached consultation to answer your questions and help you make an informed decision about your case.

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