drunk driving and DUI

Facts About Drunk Driving and DUI

Here are some facts and terms regarding drunk driving you should know.

What does blood-alcohol level mean?

The term blood alcohol level usually abbreviated as BAC is used for testing the level of alcohol present in the bloodstream of a person who is arrested or suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol. Usually, this test serves as evidence in the court of law to try the defaulter.

There are various ways to determine this, but most times for quick testing when such defaulter is caught in this act, a breath test is usually adopted. In some other cases, if the blood alcohol level needs to be verified or re-established, a urine or blood test could also be done.

Can I refuse a Breath test?

Whether you can reject a breath test will depend on the state. But usually, if you refuse to take a breathalyzer, it becomes an offense; and it becomes worse if such test results to be positive. If declared guilty as charged, you don’t only get a penalty for drinking under the influence but you’ll also get a separate penalty for refusing to take the test in the first instance.

Does the breathalyzer always give accurate results?

Breathalyzer won’t have the final say in court; it can go wrong if not used properly. The defendant can be allowed the chance to challenge the accuracy of the breath test (if conducted by an untrained officer or even improper positioning of the equipment during testing). The equipment itself may have technical issues and accuracy may not be attained. The court will eventually have the final verdict which is why other means of Testimonies or proof may be demanded. Other supporting documents like urine or blood test may be required or eyewitness accounts can also put the icing on the cake.

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If my license is seized can I still drive?

Driving without a license is a fresh violation that will attract another penalty even though it was just seized during your trial. Once you get stopped for inspection by a highway policeman or any other road safety agency, you’ll have a lot of explanation to do.

Avoid another trip to court; just take a cab or any other transport service or you could use a friend’s help when you can. Simply don’t make the move of driving without a license it might not end well.

Can my automobile still get insured after being proven guilty of drunk driving?

Insuring your vehicle at this point is probably going to cost you more. But of course, you can. Your insurance company may want to cash in on this after your conviction in court, while some others might decide to drop you altogether. If this happens in your case, get yourself another insurance company. There are insurance companies that specialize in insuring vehicles of those convicted for drunk-driving. You possibly might just need to pay more than your formal rates now. Your new rate should eventually be normalized after a while of clean driving history again.

Which punishment does drunk-driving attract?

Punishment for drunk driving is always strict but can sometimes depend on the level of damage done by this act. In a case where it causes a lot of damage, the offender may likely serve jail term but might get a better sentence with a good lawyer. A first-time offender may be lucky, a warning punishment can be given; fines, counseling, community service, and other forms of punishment.

The court verdict of a returning offender for the same drunk driving is likely going to be very strict. The jail term may be involved and the license is most likely going to be sized for a while.

How then will I get to my workplace if I can’t drive?

This period will likely be a tough one for you since you can’t drive without a license. Offenders don’t have a choice; it has to be public transport or a member of your family or friend driving the car. If you possibly have a driver, you may not be affected that much.

In some other cases, if the offender gets a good sentence, a partial kind of license can be given to allow driving from home to work alone. Any other place becomes a violation. This license is known as a hardship license.

How best can I find my way around a drunk-driving charge?

The best way to navigate through a drunk-driving charge is to not drink and drive. Once you get caught, you get convicted and bear the punishment. Avoid taking alcohol altogether if you have plans to drive yourself home. And make sure you don’t get too drunk that you insist on driving yourself home. You’ll put yourself and possibly others in danger.

Nevertheless, for a drink-drive case, you can get yourself an experienced defense attorney to get a very good outcome.

I know I am guilty; do I still need a lawyer?

For fairness in convicting the guilty as charged, there must be an experienced attorney to help in regulating your count charges so that there won’t be exaggerations on the part of the prosecutor.

More so, everyone has the right to a lawyer. So beyond being guilty of drunk driving, a defaulter still has some privileges and constitutional rights, and must not be deprived of it because there’s no defense lawyer. Having a defense lawyer can make all the difference. You get to move on with your life and get better things done.

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